Chewing Up The Scenery
Chewing Up The Scenery
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Returning to their fantastic neverland backdrop, set between 1880 and 1928, Chewing Up The Scenery addresses the state of the environment and our relationship to it. In a time of looming global warming, pending elemental disasters, war for oil and an increasingly impossible demand on natural resources, The Citizens Band, once again, look to our past in order to understand our future. The setting is the last numinous garden of its kind and the 32 piece collective make their point with music, song, dance and trapeze, employing an atypical flair to entertain and beguile.

Infusing politics with humor Chewing Up The Scenery explores the ever-enduring struggle between man and nature. Characters range from happy-go-lucky woodland nymphs, fuel-hungry politicians, cash-greedy businessmen, species-collecting explorers, fur-wearing debutantes and war-wearied soldiers. The battle between the nature loving nymphs and the swarming locusts of profiteers and decadent capitalists takes us on a journey which includes renditions of some well-loved and some little-known songs such as Summertime, “Gasoline”, “Ape Man”, “Where Have All The Flowers Gone?”, “I Think Its Going To Rain Today”, and “Chewing Up The Scenery”. The audience walk away from Chewing Up The Scenery, bedazzled, amused and thoroughly entertained but also ruminating on our planet and how we take care of it. Chewing Up The Scenery debuted at Deitch Projects in Manhattan in March 2006.


Chelsea Bacon, Duke Bojadziev, Ian Buchanan, Paul Cantelon, Michael Cavadias, Turner  Cody, Aaron Conte, Adam Crystal,
Zooey Deschanel, Stephanie Dixon, Jorjee  Douglass, Adam Dugas, Karen Elson, Sarah Sophie Flicker, Rachelle Garniez, Mike Jackson, Julia Kent,  Mark McAdam, Angela McCluskey, Allesandro Magania, Amy Miles, Jonathan Nosen, Jon Natchez, , Rain Phoenix, Kelly Pratt, Ronin, Viva Ruiz, Mia Theodoratus, Desi Santiago, Fabio Tavares, Craig Wedren

Set List

• Gasoline reprise – The Orchestra & Chelsea Bacon
• Feeling Good - Ronin
• These Treasures That I Find – Michael Cavadias
• I Hate Spring – Ian Buchanan
• The Beast of the Horrible Maze – Turner Cody
• It's a Beautiful World – Rachelle Garniez
• Leaves of Grass- Viva Ruiz & Allesandro Magania
• Ape Song – Desi Santiago, Sarah Sophie Flicker & The Company
• The Weed Song- Adam Dugas
• Solidarity Song  - Craig Wedren
• Gasoline - Craig Wedren & The Company
• A Hundred Years From Now – Karen Elson
• Honey Man – Jorjee Douglass
• Under The Plant Cloche – Sarah Sophie Flicker
• Fortune Teller – Rain Phoenix
• Chewing Up The Scenery  - Mike Jackson & The Company
• The Tempest- The Orchestra
• Summertime- Zooey  Deschanel & Amy Miles
• Hot Song – Amy Miles
• I Think It's Gonna Rain Today – Angela McCluskey
• Where Have The Flowers Gone – Angela McCluskey, Karen Elson & The Company
• Curtain Call: Gasoline Reprise – The Orchestra